How It Works

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    Connect Amazon and QuickBooks / Xero / Wave

    Connect taxomate to your Amazon Seller Central Account and QuickBooks, Xero, or Wave using our guided setup process.

    Get stuck? At any point, schedule a 1:1 personal call for us to assist. Our support is always FREE.

    How taxomate works
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    Import Amazon Settlements into taxomate

    Every time Amazon makes a payment to you, Amazon provides you with a summarized settlement.

    After your initial setup, taxomate automatically imports these settlements when they become available from Amazon.

    Amazon accounting for sellers
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    Send Invoice to QuickBooks or Xero

    taxomate automatically applies the accounts and tax rates you chose during the quick setup. 

    Send a journal entry or sales invoice to Xero, QuickBooks, or Wave.

    The entry or invoice is now ready to reconcile with the incoming deposit from Amazon.

    Send to xero from amazon
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    Reconcile with Amazon's Payment

    The invoice amount sent to QuickBooks/Xero/Wave and the payment from Amazon will match exactly. 

    Reconciling usually takes just one click. 

    That's it! Automatically sync Amazon with your accounting software going forward.

    Amazon reconciliation