Amazon Listing Optimization Guide to Boosting Your Sales

Michael Schwartz

Did you know for your products to appear on the first pages of the Amazon search engine, your products must fully optimized? Whether or not you might be making enough profits in your business but to make higher enough profits on Amazon, you need an amazon listing optimization strategy.

Why should you optimize your Amazon Listing?

Getting organic sales on Amazon is a two-step process. The first step is getting traffic and the second step is converting maximum traffic to more sales. Having an excellent listing helps in both steps. Through amazon listing optimization you get ranked on multiple keywords and most people end up buying after they have clicked on your listing.

Here is an example, you have only 100 clicks on your listing which means you can potentially sell to those 100 people.

But this is not always the case. Usually out of those 100 clicks, 10-15 clicks are converted to a sale. In Amazon’s language, this is also called Unit Session Percentage. Higher the unit session percentage, the better it is for your business.

Growth hack sales with optimization

Amazon listing optimization will also increase your profits during Amazon PPC Campaigns. It is a proven fact that sellers with better listings have lower ACoS.

What are the Key Elements to Amazon Listing Optimization?



For a product to appear on the top and catch the eye of the potential customer, a product listing must contain frequently searched keywords.

If you don't use highly ranked/ searched keywords, your listing has no chance of appearing towards the top. You can add the highly ranked keywords in your title, bullet points, descriptions, and back-end search terms.

Make sure you add keywords that customers are actually searching. Add up more keywords and drive traffic to your listing page. With the help of keyword tools, you can find the perfect match and relevant high ranked keywords for your products. Do not forget to track the ranking of your product.


Before clicking your listing, a customer looks at your title and only after decides whether to look at your full listing. It is important to create the best product title to grab the attention of your potential customers.

Try to include include your target keyword in the product title before you write your brand name. Try to place the highest-ranking keywords in the title.

Try to distinguish yourself from your competitors by adding unique product features in your title.


Product images are the key factor to make your listing look attractive and professional. Your main image is obviously the most important since it is the first impression a potential customer has with your product.

Always make sure your main product image will drive out the competition and lead to more clicks into your product listing.

For the rest of your listing, add add 6-8 images including action photos and info-graphic images that show off your product's unique features. High-quality images tend to get high conversion rates, whereas blur and simple images fail to achieve the same.


Obviously, one can't provide all of the vital information via title and images. Amazon provides 5 bullet points, that one can utilize to provide detailed product information. Bullet points highlights and helps summarize your product value.

The more you let your customers know about your product, the more they get convinced and confident enough to buy your product. You should effectively use these bullet points to the optimum to grab your customer's attention with catchy and convincing content information. Point out all the benefits of your product and also feature out how your product stands out from your competitors. Convince your customers and make them know how your product is useful and beneficial to them.


Amazon Production Description Optimization

For a good looking amazon listing optimization, you can add HTML content to make it look attractive and grab more attention of customers by highlighting your unique product features.

The product description is where you can add more information to your product. Information that you are not able to cover in the bullets, you can add those in your product description. This provides a second chance to convince your customers and give them a reason to rely on your brand and products.

Add the usefulness and sense of versatility to your products & influence more buyers. Cover all the important information about your products, so buyers don't get any doubts while choosing your products.


Product reviews give a sense of reliability to the customers while making a buying decision. They are essential in the Amazon product listing. These reviews by your customers give social proof that your products consist of high quality and standards. are very important on Amazon. Getting good product reviews is not easy for new sellers or products.

Requesting your customers to give feedbacks might consume a lot of your time. Using automated feedback services like Feedback Express can take the hassle out of requesting product reviews. You can step ahead of your listing by using templates proven that results in a higher level of engagement with buyers.

Both quantity and quality reviews matter to drive competition and grab attention. Customers won’t even click on your listings without good reviews. Tend your customers to choose your products along with good reviews.


Enhanced brand content the name says it all, this feature is to enhance your product listing and give it a completely unique and eye-catching look. Get more conversions using EBC or A+ tools and step a level higher than your competitors.

EBC is a featured tool for Brand registered sellers on Amazon. Also known as the A+ tool allows the brand owners to use this feature to enhance more information and product images to their detail page for attracting more customers and providing more details to customers. You can describe your product features in a more unique way by adding eye-catching product images and banners that attract customers. You can use a distinctive brand story, enhanced images, and text placements. EBC helps achieve higher conversion rates, drive more traffic, and increase sales.

Choose the best fit template for your products to win a sale. There are experts who can assist you to create an outstanding EBC for your brand.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Optimization


Backend keywords are also known as search terms. The buyer can not see these terms. Amazon has a 150 character limit on search terms. It helps Amazon’s search algorithm to rank your product based on your search terms provided.

These are the steps or say ways that can definitely help a seller to have a successful return by selling on Amazon. Be the first to grab the attention of your potentials. These strategies can help one grow steadily and at a good pace. Listing optimization can be overwhelming.

If you can't do everything by yourself, there are some Amazon SEO and Photography agencies in the market to help you.