How to Become a Seller on Amazon Marketplace and Be Your Own Boss!

Last Updated:

February 8, 2019

How to Become a Seller on Amazon Marketplace and Be Your Own Boss!

Amazon has revolutionized the e-commerce field since it was launched in 2000 and has helped both businesses and average individuals boost their sales and tap new customers.

To get started, you can either choose to sell as an individual or a professional. If you are choosing the Individual selling plan, you can add new products to the Amazon catalog and have the platform handle your customer service and the shipping. This plan costs $0.99/sale plus other selling fees. If you are to pick the Professional package ($39.99/mo + other selling fees), you can have the same benefits of an individual account plus way more features. The following are some of the perks of a professional package:

· Sell your products in Mexico, Canada, or the US or all three. Control what you sell as well as where you want to sell. You can also manage your business using just a single Amazon seller account.

· You can use bulk reporting and listing tools from Amazon Marketplace Web Service

· You can personalize your shipping rates for all items excluding Music, Books, DVDs, Software, Video, and Video Games

· You can offer gift wrap options and special promos for your items excluding Music, Books, DVDs, Software, Video, and Video Games

· You’re eligible for the top search result on the product detail pages.

Now, let’s move on to the actual process of making an account and getting started as an Amazon seller:


Before You Register

1. Choose the products you’d like to sell

There are over 20 product categories available to sellers. Professional accounts can even get 10 more categories. A great place to find products is alibaba.

Alibaba to Amazon for Sellers

2. Choose a selling plan

The above-mentioned details are the main differences between the two available packages. If you have lots of products to sell, you can choose the professional plan, but if you’re an infrequent seller, it’s best to pick the Individual package.

3. Sign up and begin listing

Create an account on Seller Central. This is the web interface where you’re going to monitor your selling account.


After You Register

Once your account is set, follow the steps below:

1. List

Add your products to the Amazon Marketplace catalog. If you’re getting the Professional package, you can add bulk batches of items with their bulk tools. If you’re using the individual selling subscription, you can add your products one at a time.

Listing on Amazon

There are two main ways to list your products:

a. List products that are already on the platform

Specify the number of products you need to sell, the condition of the products, as well as the shipping options,

b. List products that do not exist on the platform yet:

Determine the SKU and the UPC/EAN, and then list the product attributes, including the title and description.

2. Sell

After you’ve listed all of your offers, customers can already see them as they explore Amazon has established a strong reputation in helping customers around the world make easy, quick, and trouble-free online purchases. Make sure that your product images and descriptions are at their best, so when customers find them, they’re compelling enough to be grabbed.

3. Ship

Amazon simply sends you notifications each time a customer places an order. Simply use FBA or Fulfilment by Amazon and let them do the shipping. Or if you want, you can also handle the shipping independently.

Amazon will deposit payment into the bank account you have set at regular intervals. They will notify you after each periodic payment is sent.

Above are the simple steps to start your Amazon venture. It’s not as complicated as you thought. So, grab your chance now to reap success in this readily available platform for everyone.