🔎Amazon Seller Long Tail Keyword Optimization in 2020

Last Updated:

January 6, 2020

Selling on Amazon is much harder these days. Amazon recently banned the "honest reviews in exchange for a discount." Amazon updated their search algorithm. More people are hopping on the Amazon selling bandwagon. Finally, top sellers are using expensive tools to beat out the competition. Every tiny advantage in the marketplace could make a huge difference in your margins.

Introducing long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords not only allow you optimize your PPC product listing, but also is a great way to get cheap PPC keywords. In fact, Amazon makes approximately 57% of their sales from long tail keywords. It is time that you started using them.

What the heck a long tail keyword?

Long tail keywords are more specific and usually longer than the normal keywords. For instance, say you wanted to use the keyword "Best Dog Harness." Instead you would use "Best Dog Harness for Small Goldendoodles." Simple right?

The trick is finding the right long tail keywords that your buyers are using.

How do I find long tail keywords for the Amazon Marketplace?

Scientific Seller Review

Scientific seller allows you to find long tail keywords for FREE. Yes, I said, free!

Head over to the app and sign up. Enter your desired keyword (usually start with a shorter, non-specific) keyword. 

Scientific seller uses "latent semantic indexing" to pull in keywords buyers are typing into the Amazon search bar. Wait until keywords finish loading before proceeding. This may take a while.

How should I use long tail keywords in my product listings?

First take the "stuff keywords" (single words) and insert them in your product listing. I recommend putting the first few stuff keywords with the highest number into your title. Spread out the rest of your stuff keywords into your product listing, but try to make it look natural.

Second, create a new PPC campaign with your products/variations. Insert the long tail keywords from the spreadsheet into your PPC campaign. Wait a few days to optimize your PPC listing.