Best Amazon FBA Podcasts in 2023

Best Amazon FBA Podcasts in 2023

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Michael Schwartz

One of the hottest terms in the digital world is the podcast. The new "radio" is where the listeners can catch up on downloadable shows from the latest in politics, culture, drama, and business. If you are an Amazon seller, you are probably looking for the top amazon fba seller podcasts to step your selling game up! Let's take a look.

1. Amazing Freedom

The Amazon Seller Podcast Review

Andy Slamans and Liran Hirschkorn are top dogs on Amazon Private Label Sellers. These two are multimillion-dollar private label sellers sharing their advanced selling strategies that are related to Amazon, which they can use every day.

Learn how to find products to sell, how to handle logistics, how to launch products on Amazon, and much more on their podcast.

2. Women on Amazon

Women on Amazon Podcast Review

By women, about women, not just for women- this podcast aims to amplify women's voices in the Amazon FBA & eCommerce space in order to educate and inspire others to change their lives and create the futures they desire.

Listen in as Regina discusses techniques, strategies, and lessons learned as well as presents inspiring stories of the women seriously kicking butt in eCommerce

Also, check out the Women on Amazon Website.

3. FBA All-Stars

FBA Allstars Amazon Podcast Review

In the One Step to 7 Figures podcast, Matt Ward documents his complete journey to making a million a year. Matt discusses his pitfalls and success on his journey.

The weekly updates also include guests who discuss important topics on how to be a successful entrepreneur on Amazon. Highly recommended for anyone looking to boost their FBA game!

4. AM PM Podcast

AM PM Podcast Review

This podcast is hosted by Manny Coats, the entrepreneur who started selling products on Amazon in 2015 and made more than $1.6 million in his first year alone!

He quickly became an expert private label seller. Since becoming successful, he is regularly sharing his experiences and techniques with his listeners.

5. FBA Podcast

Ryan Regerit's podcast is for those looking to either start a business on Amazon or existing FBA sellers who want to improve their selling tactics.

Ryan engages with his listeners, discussing a variety of topics and real-life scenarios, making it one of the top Amazon seller podcasts.

6. Ask Jordan Podcast

Ask Jordan Podcast Review

Jordan Malik is a super start in the amazon seller space and has been featured in leading business magazines and newspapers. In his top amazon seller podcasts, Jordan helps online merchants increase revenues through various tactics. Additionally, he covers a wide variety of topics and has more than a hundred episodes to choose from - covering product sourcing, accounting, tax implications, and legal obligations.

7. Private Label Movement

Private Label Movement Podcast Review

An exclusive by Kevin Rizer for Amazon private label sellers only. What started as a hobby, Kevin is now one of the most well-known private label sellers and shares his battles and successes in private label selling. There are more than 200 episodes to choose from that often include popular Amazon influencers.

8. Smart Online Seller

Smart Online Seller Review

In Smart Online Seller, Luke Jilas and Justin Balk discuss topics ranging from FBA private labeling to different marketing strategies. They also offer tips on product sourcing.

9. My Wife Quit Her Job

My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast Review

The title sounds itself is catchy enough to attract many listeners, but this show means business. Steve Chou discusses how he and his wife started selling on Amazon during their spare time. When it became successful, his wife decided to quit her job. They also have a website that offers tutorials and podcasts. In some episodes, Jay Chou invites famous sellers to discuss their experiences.

10. The Amazing Seller

The Amazing Seller Podcast Review

Scott Voelker offers advice on different facets of selling on Amazon including product sourcing, how to track keywords, and optimizing product lists.

Scott started selling his own information products online in 2008 in the Photography niche and soon realized it could become a full-time income.

He started his very popular podcast in 2014 because he could not find any podcasts that focused specifically on Amazon FBA for Private Labelers.

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Michael Schwartz
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