Top 10 YouTube Channels for Amazon Sellers in 2023

Top 10 YouTube Channels for Amazon Sellers in 2023

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Michael Schwartz

There are several guides out there on how to have a successful business on Amazon, but we at taxomate always found it easier to watch someone explain it than to read thousands of words. That’s why we collected a list of some of the top YouTube channels for Amazon sellers for you!

  1. Kevin David
  2. FulfillmentByAmazon
  3. Jungle Scout
  4. Project Life Mastery
  5. Full-Time FBA
  6. Dan Vas
  7. Derrick Struggle
  8. Seth Kniep
  9. Wholesale Ted
  10. Life Success Engineer

1) Kevin David

Total Subscribers: +700k

Kevin David Youtube Review

Creator of what he calls the “Freedom Movement” - a massive movement of people looking to financially free. He quit his 9-5 accountant job to focus on making money online, including passive income. He shares his experiences and knowledge with the rest of us, so we don’t feel the stress of feeling trapped in a desk with a tedious job that has nothing more to offer.

2) FulfillmentByAmazon

Total Subscribers: +60K

FBA Youtube Review

The official YouTube channel for Fulfillment by Amazon goes into detail on how FBA works. Ship to an Amazon FBA center and they take care of your inventory doing all the work for you while you still get an income for each sale. If you think this option applies to what you want to make sure to check it out!

3) Jungle Scout

Total Subscribers: +132k

Jungle Scout Youtube Review

Created in 2015 by Greg Mercer as a solution to the struggle new Amazon sellers usually go through. He created a toolkit that people can acquire full of tools and resources to launch and grow a business on Amazon.

4) Project Life Mastery

Total Subscribers: +800k

Project Life Mastery Youtube Review

Stefan James from Project Life Mastery focuses not only in giving handy tips and strategies for making money online but also how to change your mindset and to live a healthy life as well while you are at it. Sometimes that’s all we need to make that one decision that can change our whole life into a positive outcome.

5) Full-Time FBA

Total Subscribers: +30k

Full-Time FBA Youtube Review

Created by Stephen and Rebecca Smotherman, they have been in the Amazon selling the business since 2011 and 2013, meaning they have many years of experience to back them up and know what some of the common mistakes new sellers make are. Stephen and Rebecca both part-time work hours selling online, which combined, works great for them and their family. This allows them to have the commodity of having your schedule working from home.

6) Dan Vas

Total Subscribers: +74k

Dan Vas Amazon Blog

Dan Vas is a self-made internet millionaire entrepreneur, YouTuber, and influencer. He believes everyone has a significant potential to achieve great things and live their best life. Through his videos, he shares his experiences and tips to make this happen and help those people awake from their monotonous life and opt for new business opportunities. He is living the dream!

7) Derrick Struggle

Total Subscribers: +173k

Derek Struggle YouTube Review

This YouTuber known as Derrick Struggle started as young as 14 years old selling t-shirts and built his official first company at 16, he confirms he has made over 8 figures thanks to different e-commerce business and passive income. His goal is to share his knowledge with the rest of us. I wonder what we were doing at 16 instead of making millions like him.

8) Seth Kniep

Total Subscribers: +180K

Seth Kniep Youtube Review

With 24k in debt, living a miserable life and fed up with his job, Seth decided enough was enough, so he started to make changes with a single dime. Today he is a self-made millionaire, he has different passive income businesses and is ready to help people like us, live their dream lives.

9) Wholesale Ted

Total Subscribers: 376K

Wholesale Ted Youtube Review

At wholesale Ted, you can find creative and engaging content about e-commerce, Amazon tips, training, case studies & tutorials. Their videos focus on actionable advice on how you can start, grow & scale your own business

10) Life Success Engineer

Total Subscribers: 4k

Life Success Engineer Youtube Review

Although still considered a small channel compared to the previous ones mentioned, Life success Engineer has so much to offer and will grow without a doubt. They say their mission is to help people take MASSIVE ACTION in life to achieve the goals and visions they have! Make sure to check them out in their journey to help other people grow with Amazon tips and tricks.

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Michael Schwartz
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