10 December 2021 · 6 min read

Ultimate Top 5 Amazon Repricers for FBA Sellers in 2024


By Michael Schwartz

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Price is one of the most important factors when it comes to making a purchase. More than 50% of those who shop online, do so because they can get better deals and compare prices more easily. If you are an online seller, your prices have to be attractive and competitive to drive up the sales and the best way to do this is by using one of the Top 5 Repricers.

Repricers are software solutions that you can use to offer competitive prices. However, not all repricing tools come with the same functionality. Some update the price continuously and others at a set interval. Some have built-in profit calculators whereas others do not. Some are standalone tools while others are part of a complete e-commerce solution. Moreover, some come with a higher price tag.

Among all these repricing programs, here are the top 5 repricers worth mentioning:

  1. repricerexpress
  2. Seller Republic
  3. Prisync
  4. Darwin Pricing
  5. Smart Price

1. RepricerExpress

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RepricerExpress offers instant repricing and all features across all its plans at no extra cost and helps you "win more Buy Box without constant attention". This Amazon repricer is trusted by thousands of sellers.

With RepricerExpress you can choose to include/exclude sellers based on seller rating, dispatch time and more. Using pricing rules, you can decide how you want to reprice against your competition.

With RepricerExpress, Amazon merchants have reported a significant increase in sales while saving more hours that they can use elsewhere.

RepricerExpress is an Amazon Technology Partner and is listed on the Marketplace Appstore within Seller Central.

Prices start at $55 per month. Free 15-day trial available, no credit card required.

2. Seller Republic

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Seller Republic supports price optimization on the two most popular and important e-commerce platforms - Amazon and eBay which makes up approximately 70% of all online sales globally.

This repricing tool offers continuous repricing. It will immediately start to process the price update if any of your competitors change their prices. It can reprice up or down to ensure maximum profitability and competitiveness.

One of its defining features includes a lightning-fast setup. You can be up and running in only 3 minutes! It also comes with a built-in Buy Box winning strategy and max price reset that will help you boost your sales by several folds on Amazon.

It also has the ability to reprice based on condition. It can reprice new against old products, or vice-versa. This repricer also checks for new products every 2 hours - useful if you have quick-moving and large-selling products!

Seller Republic features an instant profit calculator. It can show you how much your profit will be when you update the cost of a product. Moreover, this repricer supports bulk maximum and minimum price setups.

It starts at $8.95 per month for Amazon and $45 per month for eBay. All their plans also come with a free 14-day trial. These top 5 repricers offer the best solution and features for the lowest possible price.

3. Prisync

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Prisync provides competitive pricing intelligence for online businesses. It extracts pricing information from any website from any country or industry.

It is a great repricing tool for Shopify users. It is also an official MagentoTechnology Partner and offers repricing solutions for Magento merchants.

Prisync is a self-service application that requires little setup or integration. This repricer can track product prices from an unlimited number of websites 4 times a day. You can view this information in its web dashboard, email alerts, API and as various other reports.

Prisync also supports user repricing rules. It compares against competitor prices and applies the appropriate repricing tactics.

It starts at $49 per month with 4 daily updates. It also offers a 14-day free trial for all its plans.

4. Darwin Pricing

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Darwin Pricing is another automated price management tool. It provides real-time competitor tracking and price optimization for small to medium-sized businesses.

Darwin Pricing is a dynamic repricer that provides unique geo-targeted price optimization. It uses real-time competition tracking, dynamic split testing, and artificial intelligence to succeed even in the most competitive markets.

This retrieves the customer's location and adjusts your price against the prices local retailers offer. This can help you compete with local retailers by decreasing your prices in locations where you are not competitive enough.

You can also offer geo-targeted discounts in cities where retailers beat you on price.

Darwin Pricing offers 6 pricing plans based on sales commission. These start at $50 per month for businesses with up to $5k in sales per month.

5. Smart Price

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Smart Price also known as Pricing Lab is a repricing tool that supports both Magento and Prestashop platforms. It can integrate all costs associated with your products. It also takes the marketplace commissions, Adwords, and fixed and variable costs into account.

This repricer supports an infinite number of strategies and customizations. You can adapt the program to your pricing strategies per product, brand, category, sales channel or competitor.

It can track and reprice your products once or several times a day. In its multi-repricing plan, it can reprice up to 288 times a day. There is also an option for live repricing on the Amazon platform.

Smart Price starts at €49 (about $55) for single repricing per day.

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