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Understanding ASIN on Amazon: A Complete Guide | Taxomate


By Michael Schwartz

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Welcome to our guide on ASIN, which is the key acronym that every Amazon seller and buyer should recognize. In this article, we would discuss the definition of ASIN, how it works, its importance, why you need ASINs for your products sold on Amazon, and the considerations or benefits of using ASINs. Let's get started then!


What is an ASIN?

If you want to list a number of new items on your page, you have to be aware of their ASIN. The Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) is a unique identifier assigned to the products you want to sell on the platform. ASIN serves as the serial number of the product and is used to track and identify each Amazon product cataloged. When a seller lists a product for sale on Amazon, they are required to provide the product's ASIN to ensure accurate cataloging and seamless integration into Amazon's vast marketplace. ASINs play a crucial role in facilitating sales on Amazon by connecting potential buyers with the exact product they are searching for, allowing them to make informed purchasing decisions. Amazon and its sellers rely on the ASIN system to streamline the selling process and enhance the overall shopping experience for millions of customers worldwide.

Definition of ASIN

The Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) is an alphanumeric code used to uniquely identify each product listed on the marketplace of Amazon. It functions as a universal identifier for products so consumers can differentiate them from similar items.

How does ASIN work?

When a new product is listed by the seller on Amazon, an ASIN is assigned to that specific item. This will allow Amazon to track all items of this particular product such as category name, description, price, as well as inventory quantity. Then buyers can now use this specific number to search for and buy the product that they want.

Where can you find an ASIN?

If you are selling on Amazon, you can find the product's ASIN within your Seller Central account. In fact, just head to the product detail page and there it will be listed below other pertinent information. As a buyer, you can find the ASIN on the product detail page, normally found beneath the product title and images.


Why is ASIN important on Amazon?

Every online seller must know what an ASIN is. It makes the selling and buying experience seamless and efficient for both sellers and buyers.

ASIN for sellers

For sellers, the ASIN is used to list on your Amazon catalog and sell the products on the platform. Without a valid ASIN, you cannot create a new product listing. It enables sellers to keep track of sales performance, manage their inventory, and identify, categorize as well as predict other essential attributes of their products. The ASIN helps in assuring that each product variant comes with the right product detail page so as not to confuse customers. It is a must if you want to improve customer experience. Additionally, sellers can also use the ASIN as a valuable tool to gain insights into their competitors. By utilizing ASIN, sellers can analyze competitor listings, pricing strategies, and customer reviews, allowing them to make informed decisions and stay competitive in the dynamic marketplace. It makes Amazon selling easier.

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ASIN for buyers

Buyers can use the ASIN to search and purchase products on Amazon. Using the right ASIN identifier ensures buyers get the exact item they want, avoiding confusion if several similar products are available with different features or prices. The ASIN serves as a central reference point for both buyers and sellers in an e-commerce transaction. It simplifies shopping by ensuring buyers get the right item while vendors can be guaranteed income because each sale is given its own unique identification number.

How to use ASIN to find products?

If you know the particular Amazon product's ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), you can easily search for the item by entering it in the search bar. ASIN is unique so the search will only lead to a product detail page for the specific item on Amazon. It's a quicker way to access the product's features, view images of the item, glean customer reviews, and so on. The ASIN is an extremely useful tool to buyers as it allows them to find items rather quickly and check whether the item is worth buying.

How to create a new ASIN?

The process of creating a new ASIN is very straightforward. Note that accuracy and attention to detail are key. You want to provide your potential customers with the right information about the product. Below is a guide on how to make a new ASIN for the product you want to list:

Step-by-step process

1. Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account.

2. Go to the “Inventory” tab and click on “Add a product”.

3. Fill in the details of your product, including its product title, complete description, category, and price. You also need to provide the Global Trade Item Number or GTIN to make sure that your product gets classed under the right category.

4. Upload images that accurately represent your product. These should be high-resolution photos with good contrast.

5. Pick the best search terms. Choosing the most relevant ones will ensure high discoverability for your product.

6. Once you're done, double-check all the details before clicking on “Save and Send” to successfully submit your listing for review by Amazon.

7. Amazon will view and confirm the details before approving the listing. Amazon will assign a unique ASIN and list your product on your page. That's how easily a new ASIN is created.

What information is required to create a new ASIN?

When creating a new ASIN, you will be asked to provide some information about your product. This involves the product title, description, features, category, brand, manufacturer, pricing details, and images. Make sure all the information is accurate; any mistakes made will lead to issues with the listing or buying experience. Note that you need to provide accurate product information to avoid getting your account suspended. Read more about Amazon account suspension here.

What to do if the Amazon ASIN number already exists?

In some cases, your product's ASIN might have already been listed on Amazon. This happens when you are trying to post an item that is a variation of an existing listing or someone else is already selling the same item. In this case, you can't just create new ASINs. You should consider listing your product as a variation under the existing parent ASIN or contacting the seller and working out your options. You don't want to steal other sellers' intellectual property rights nor want to create duplicate ASINs. If you create an ASIN for a product you want to sell on Amazon that already has one can be considered a violation of the platform's policies.

ASIN lookup tools: How to find an ASIN?

There are a few ways in which one can actually find an ASIN for a particular product. Using the ASIN lookup tools happens to be one popular way. These tools provide great capabilities regarding ASIN search and even more insights regarding specific products. Using these tools helps save buyers and sellers valuable time and energy in the search process. With one search, you'll find the ASIN that you need.

Reverse ASIN lookup

ASIN reverse lookup shows the correct ASIN associated with a particular product on Amazon. Using this tool, you can input any product information such as the product name, category, or any other parameter related to the item and it will find the ASIN corresponding to that. This feature is quite helpful while performing a reverse ASIN lookup for similar products or while researching competitors' listings.

Using ASIN lookup tools

ASIN lookup tools help simplify the process of finding ASINs for specific products. Generally, these tools provide an “intuitive interface” where you input relevant product details and generate the corresponding ASIN. This eliminates the need for manual searches and eliminates the risk of errors or inaccuracies.

Benefits of using ASIN lookup tools

ASIN lookup tools work to the benefit of both sellers and buyers. First, it reduces the time and effort necessary for ASIN identification. Instead of actually going through all available products and searching for their ASINs, users can just utilize an ASIN lookup tool to obtain results quickly and correctly. Second, ASIN lookup tools often give insight into product performance as well as market trends. Through this insight, sellers can make better business decisions. If you want to learn more about other Amazon seller tools you can use to boost your online business, click here.

ASIN and product catalog

ASIN helps in cataloging products on Amazon's huge marketplace. Here's how:

How ASIN helps in cataloging products?

The ASIN ensures that each product listed on Amazon has a unique identifier, preventing confusion and facilitating effective cataloging. It enables Amazon's system to organize products into specific categories, making it easier for buyers to discover and compare items based on their needs and preferences.

Importance of unique ASINs

Unique ASINs protect the integrity of Amazon's catalog. Amazon assigns unique ASINs to each item so that duplicate listings do not occur. ASIN can also help prevent any incorrect reviews and inaccurate product information from getting posted.

How to list products with international standard book numbers (ISBN)?

You can use the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) to list your books on Amazon. You include the ISBN number in the listing details and let Amazon automatically generate the corresponding ASIN. This simplifies the process for booksellers, ensuring accurate categorizing along with enhanced discoverability for buyers.


In conclusion, the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN), is an essential element in selling and purchasing products on Amazon. If you want to grow your Amazon business, you need to understand what an ASIN is, its benefits and uses, and how to generate it. It isn't solely for listing purposes. ASIN exists so sellers can effectively manage their inventory and promote their product listings more efficiently. It also helps Amazon customers find the right items that they are looking for. It is particularly helpful when that particular product appears on numerous sellers' pages within Amazon. Buyers can always rely on ASIN to identify and buy their desired items with confidence. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, learning the ins and outs of Amazon ASIN is certainly going to boost your Amazon experience and raise your chances in this worldwide marketplace.

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